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Accurint for Government Eligibility (AfGE) is the newest portal being added to the Electronic Verification System (EVS). AfGE may be used for the MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) and Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) programs at the time of application and annual renewal.

NOTE: Information used in a MO HealthNet eligibility determination may also affect other programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance (TA), or Child Care (CC).

AfGE is separate from the Accuity portal that was recently introduced.

AfGE is not required to be reviewed at every application or annual renewal. Use AfGE ONLY when needed to collect information to determine eligibility and after cost-free electronic sources have been exhausted. 

AfGE provides information from more than 30 participating states regarding:

  • Real estate ownership
  • Aircraft ownership
  • Watercraft ownership
  • Incarceration
  • Death
  • Address

The AfGE portal can be accessed from the Family Support Division (FSD) Intranet page, under the FSD Work Sites tab. The button is labeled “LexisNexis Accurint – EVS AfGE.”

The AfGE User Guide, located on the IM Training intranet page, provides specific instructions for completing searches. To locate the guide, search for AfGE in FAMIS Resources.

The Accuity-Asset Verification System portal introduced staff to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements. The real estate, aircraft, watercraft, and incarceration search results contained in the AfGE portal are subject to FCRA requirements as discussed in manual section 0110.060.05 Electronic Verification System Legal Basis. Information regarding proper authorization to review FCRA sources is available in the Electronic Verification System portion of the General Information manual.

NOTE: Individuals who are not applying for or receiving MO HealthNet coverage must sign an Authorization for Verification (IM-6EVS) form before their information can be accessed in the AfGE portal. This includes spouses who are not requesting coverage on the MHABD case and parents who are not requesting coverage on the MAGI case.

Searches must only be conducted for the purpose of determining eligibility for MO HealthNet programs.   

The following AfGE searches are allowed for all staff:

  • Instant ID
  • Death Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Real Property
  • Watercraft
  • FAA Aircraft
  • Real Time Phones
  • Basic Lookup

The Person Search must only be accessed by Benefit Program Supervisors, Program Coordinators, Program Managers, and Program Specialists.

Use of specific AfGE searches

Instant ID: Access when it is suspected that the participant is living in another state, address is questionable, address listed on application or review form is illegible or incomplete and the address is not already available to FSD. If a phone number is needed for the MHABD or MAGI case, phone number information is also available on this report. Consult cost-free electronic sources like MODL and IIVE prior to accessing AfGE.

NOTE: The Real-Time Phones and Basic Lookup searches also provide information regarding phone numbers. The Instant Id search is preferred for locating phone numbers because of the efficient format of the Instant ID report. 

Death Records: Access when FSD has received indication that a participant may be deceased and all cost-free electronic sources such as IDTH, IDSS, and IIVE have been consulted.

  • If the death is reported by a member of the participant’s family or household, additional verification such as AfGE is not required before taking action on a MO HealthNet case.

Criminal Records: Access when FSD has received information indicating that the individual is incarcerated and cost-free electronic sources such as Casenet, Vinelink, and the Missouri Department of Corrections Offender Search did not provide confirmation.

Real Property: Access to verify ownership of real property or confirmation of the sale of property and cost-free electronic sources such as Missouri State Assessor Association . The property value information provided by the AfGE portal provides an indication of value but does not provide acceptable property value verification for FSD’s purposes.

  • Do not request AfGE information when participant’s attestation is acceptable and the information is not in question.

Watercraft: Access to verify ownership of watercraft and cost-free electronic sources such as NADA Guide and Kelley Blue Book for watercraft.

FAA Aircraft: Access to verify ownership of aircraft.

Reminder: Information provided by a source other than the participant that results in ineligibility must be confirmed by the participant before action can be taken. Additional information is available in manual section 0110.060.20 Information Reported by Electronic Verification System Causes Ineligibility.

NOTE: For additional information on possible free resources to access       please refer to Verification Matrix located in FAMIS Resources.

Person Search: Provides information regarding participant’s address and past and/or present household members. Person Search may be consulted when household composition is in question and supervisors or managers are trying to determine if a Welfare Investigation Unit (WIU) referral is needed.

NOTE: Information provided by a Person Search must be used with caution because the household’s situation may have changed in the time period between AfGE receiving the information and the participant’s application or annual renewal.

Adding Information to the Case Record

Search results must be printed using the instructions in the AfGE User Guide and added to the participant’s case record even if no matches were found.

All reports must be reviewed thoroughly and any other individual’s personally identifiable information must be redacted.

Example: A real property report is gathered for an MHABD application. The report shows the name of the previous owner. Staff MUST redact the name of the previous owner prior to adding the report to the case record.

When redacting information from a record, a specific method is not required. One option is to use Microsoft Edge:

  • Right click on the pdf and select “Open with,” a list will appear. Select Microsoft Edge. Click on the drawing tool and mark out the information that needs redacted.

FAMIS System Changes

Due to the FCRA requirements, new system codes for FAMIS are being developed. A memorandum will be released when the new codes are available.

GS: AfGE-Accurint Statement will pend the case, and a Request for Information Notice (FA-325) will be generated for the MHABD case.

The GS code will be used when additional information is needed from the participant such as:

  • Information reported by AfGE does not match the participants statements and results in ineligibility; or
  • Information reported by AfGE is questionable or additional details are needed before an eligibility determination can be completed.

GC: AfGE-Accurint Confirmation will act as if verification has been received and will not pend the case.

The GC code will be used in the following situations:

  • Additional information was requested due to an AfGE match, and the information was provided by the participant; or
  • AfGE confirms participant’s statement and no additional verification is required.

Until the system work is complete, in order to notify the participant of a negative action taken on their case due to FCRA information reported by AfGE, staff must include an IM-50AfGE Information Notice-Regarding an Action Taken on your Case with the adverse action and action notices. This form provides notification for the participant’s MO HealthNet case as well as any additional cases such as TA, CC, or SNAP. This is a requirement for the Real Property, FAA Aircraft, Watercraft, and Criminal Records searches. 

MEDES System Changes

The only information from the AfGE portal that is used by MEDES that has FCRA requirements is incarceration. Because the suspension of coverage for incarcerated individuals is currently processed manually there are no system changes in MEDES due to the AfGE portal.  

Incarcerated Information

The suspension of MO HealthNet coverage for incarcerated individuals is processed manually at this time. Guidance regarding additional FCRA wording that is required for notices regarding suspension of MO HealthNet coverage will be provided in a separate memorandum.


Questions must be sent through normal supervisory channels to the MHN Policy Unit at If a case specific policy clearance is needed, the Request for Interpretation of Policy (IM-14) process should be utilized.


IM-50AfGE Information Notice-Regarding an Action Taken on your Case


  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.