Section 2, Chapter 4 (Non-Child Abuse/Neglect Referrals), Subsection 3 – Non-CA/N Child Fatality “F” Referrals

(Effective 04/13/21)

4.3 Non-CA/N Child Fatality “F” Referrals

Pursuant to Section 210.115, RSMo., all Non-CA/N related child fatalities are to be reported to CANHU by medical examiners or coroners.  This information will be forwarded to the State Technical Assistance Team (STAT).  The local county in which the fatality occurs will receive a courtesy copy of the F-Referral. 

County staff members are not required to update FACES regarding these referrals, and typically will not need to take any action.  However, if the family associated with an F-referral has had significant past or present involvement with the Children’s Division, staff may be required to complete a Critical Event Report (CS-23) on F-Referrals in which the family has had significant past or present involvement with the Children’s Division.

Staff may choose to respond to the referral in special circumstances, but only after consultation with the Supervisor.  An example of a reason why staff might contact the family would be to provide a referral for grief counseling following a tragic unexpected death in a community where the family would not have otherwise had contact with a helping professional, such as a hospital social worker, who may have already referred the family to such services.

The F-Referral assists STAT in receiving notice of all non-CA/N related child fatalities in a timely manner to assist them in completing the Child Fatality Review Program annual report.  STAT does not investigate the F-Referral nor make any updates to FACES regarding these referrals.