Section 2, Chapter 3 (County Protocol: Review and Assignment of Reports) – Overview

Chapter 3 Overview

This chapter covers information pertaining to local protocols necessary to ensure that the most appropriate response to Non-CA/N Referrals and CA/N Reports. Once a referral or report is alerted to the field and information gathering begins, it is the responsibility of field staff to ensure the concerns are classified correctly.

Table of Contents

3.1 Child Abuse/Neglect Concerns Received at the County Office

3.1.1 Procedure for “Field Reports”

3.2 Assigning CA/N Reports and Non-CA/N Referrals

3.2.1 Review of CA/N Reports and Non-CA/N Referrals

3.2.2 Assigning CA/N Reports and Non-CA/N Referrals

3.2.3 CA/N Reports on Open Family-Centered Services (FCS) Cases

3.2.4 Entering Worker / Supervisor Assignment Information into System

3.2.5 Transferring CA/N Reports between Counties Report is assigned to Non-Residence County Family Moves to a New Residence County Report is assigned to an Incorrect County Out-of-Home Investigations (OHI) Accepting Transfer

3.3 Duplicate CA/N Reports and Non-CA/N Referrals

3.3.1 ‘Already Investigated’ CA/N Conclusions

3.4 Response Priority Level Override

3.4.1 Entering Response Priority Change in System

3.5 Combining Reports

3.5.1 Hierarchy of Calls

3.5.2 Addressing Secondary Calls

3.6 Track Change

3.6.1 Determining Whether or Not to Change the Initial Response Track Assignment

3.6.2 Change to an Investigation Response

3.6.3 Change to a Family Assessment or Juvenile Assessment Response

3.6.4 Entering Track Change in FACES

3.6.5 Change from a CA/N Report to a Non-CA/N Referral

3.7 Conflict of Interest

3.7.1 CD Employee/Family Member Involved in a CA/N Report