Section 2, Chapter 2 (Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit) – Overview

Chapter 2 Overview

This chapter provides information pertaining to screening protocols and procedures at the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit (CANHU).

Section 210.145, RSMo. requires the Children’s Division to operate a single, statewide toll-free number at all times for receiving reports of child abuse and neglect. CANHU operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Mandated reporters can also report child abuse and neglect concerns via online reporting.

Section 210.145, RSMo. and 13 CSR 35-31.020 require the Children’s Division to utilize structured decision-making protocols for classifying child abuse and neglect reports. These protocols shall give priority to ensuring the safety and well-being of children.  When CANHU receives a call concerning possible child abuse and neglect, these structured decision-making protocols are utilized primarily to classify calls and to set the response priority for how quickly the victim child(ren) should be seen.

Table of Contents

2.1 Call Classification

2.1.1 General Information Information Obtained from the Reporter Pathways

2.1.2 Child Abuse and Neglect Reports CA/N Conditions Parameters of an Investigation Response Parameters of a Family Assessment Response Parameters of a Juvenile Assessment Response Visual Application of Initial Track Assignment

2.1.3 Non-CA/N Referrals Criteria for Screening Preventive Service Referrals (P Referrals) Criteria for Screening Non-Caretaker Referrals  (N Referrals) Criteria for Screening Non-CA/N Fatality Referrals  (F Referrals) Criteria for Screening Newborn Crisis Assessments (A or NCA Referrals)  Birth Match Program

2.1.4 Documented Calls Three or More Documented Calls Within Seventy-Two (72) Hours

2.2 Response Priority

2.2.1 Response Priority Levels Criteria for Level One Response Priority

2.3 Determining Most Appropriate County for Investigation

2.3.1 Out of State Reports

2.4 On-Call Procedures

2.4.1 On-Call Entry

2.4.2 CANHU Call-Out Procedure for After-Hours and Holidays

2.4.3 Administrative Referrals

2.5 Additional Information Received at CANHU