Section 2, Chapter 4 (Non-Child Abuse/Neglect Referrals) – Overview

Chapter 4 Overview

This chapter explains procedures for completing Non-Child Abuse/Neglect Referrals including:

  • Preventive Service Referrals
  • Non-Caretaker Referrals
  • Non-CA/N Fatalities
  • Newborn Crisis Assessments

This chapter also explains procedures for completing ex-parte orders of child protection investigations when ordered by the court.

Table of Contents

4.1 Preventive Service “P” Referrals

4.1.1 Safe Place for Newborns Act

4.2 Non-Caretaker “N” Referrals

4.3 Non-CA/N Child Fatality “F” Referrals

4.4 Newborn Crisis Assessments “NCAT”

4.4.1 The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)

4.4.2 Steps to Completing a Newborn Crisis Assessment

4.4.3 Safe Sleeping Environments for Young Children

4.5 Referrals from Court Pursuant to Ex Parte Orders of Protection