Section 2, Chapter 4 (Non-Child Abuse/Neglect Referrals) – Overview

Chapter 4 Overview

This chapter explains procedures for completing Non-Child Abuse/Neglect Referrals including:

  • Preventive Service Referrals
  • Non-Caretaker Referrals
  • Non-CA/N Fatalities
  • Newborn Crisis Assessments

This chapter also explains procedures for completing ex-parte orders of child protection investigations when ordered by the court.

Table of Contents

4.1 Preventive Service “P” Referrals

4.1.1 Safe Place for Newborns Act

4.2 Non-Caretaker “N” Referrals

4.3 Non-CA/N Child Fatality “F” Referrals

4.4 Newborn Crisis Assessments “NCA”

          4.4.1 Birth Match Program

4.4.2 Steps to Completing a Newborn Crisis Assessment

4.4.3 Newborn Crisis Assessment Conclusion Summary

4.4.4 The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and Plans of Safe Care

4.4.5 Safe Sleeping Environments for Young Children

4.5 Referrals from Court Pursuant to Ex Parte Orders of Protection