Section 2, Chapter 1 (Mandated Reporting Requirements) – Overview

(Effective 04/15/19)

Chapter 1 Overview

This chapter provides a general explanation of the laws pertaining to mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect pursuant to Section 210.115, RSMo. This information will assist staff in understanding their requirements as mandated reporters and to assist staff in educating other professionals.

Table of Contents

1.1 Individuals/Professionals Identified as Mandated Reporters

1.2 Legal Requirements of Mandated Reporters

1.2.1 Reasonable Cause to Suspect

1.2.2 No Internal Investigation

1.2.3 Mandated Reporters are Individually Required to Report and Employer Requirements

1.2.4 Mandated Reporters in Medical Institutions

1.2.5 Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect to Law Enforcement or the Juvenile Office

1.2.6 When the Victim Resides Out of State or the Incident Occurred Out of State

1.3 Other Legal Aspects Related to Mandated Reporting

1.3.1 Mandated Reporters May Not Report Anonymously

1.3.2 Permissive Reporters

1.3.3 Child Fatalities

1.3.4 Good Faith/Immunity

1.3.5 Failure to Report

1.4 Resources