1105.000.00 Non-financial Eligibility Requirements

1105.035.30 Evaluating Months for ABAWD Training/Work Requirement

IM-71 August 31, 2023; IM-53 August 9, 2018; IM-25 March 23, 2017; IM-51 August 31, 2016; IM-100 November 19, 2015; IM-94 October 19, 2015; IM-32 June 16, 2014; IM-08 January 14, 2008; IM-106 December 7, 2006; IM-133 December 21, 2004; IM-194 October 24, 2001; IM-32 April 1, 1999

Evaluate whether an ABAWD is meeting a work requirement at each:

  • Application
  • Recertification
  • Mid-certification review
  • Change in household composition or change in earned income

Evaluating Months for ABAWD Training/Work Requirement:

The applicant/participant is not an ABAWD if the answer is “Yes” to any of the following questions:

Household Eligibility-Related Exemptions:

  • Did the applicant/participant receive pro-rated benefits for the month?
  • Is the applicant/participant living with a household member under the age of 18?

Health-Related Exemptions:

  • Is the applicant/participant pregnant?
  • Is the applicant/participant enrolled and taking part in a substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation program?
  • Is the applicant/participant physically or mentally unable to work?

Example: A victim of domestic violence, or an applicant expected to fully recover from a recent surgery.

Work/Training-Related Exemptions:

  • Is the applicant/participant working 80 hours per calendar month (averaged weekly)?
  • Is the applicant/participant participating in a qualified training program for 80 hours per calendar month (averaged weekly)? (see 1105.035.20 ABAWD Training/Work Requirements)
  • Is the applicant/participant participating in a qualified training program and working for a combined 80 hours per calendar month (20 averaged weekly)?

Education-Related Exemptions:

  • Is the applicant/participant 18 and attending school full time?
  • Is the applicant/participant attending educational classes to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent for at least 20 hours per week?
  • Is the applicant/participant a student enrolled at least half time in any recognized secondary, vocational, or technical school, training program, or institution of higher education?

Other Exemptions:

  • Is the applicant/participant required to participate in TA work requirement activities?
  • Is the applicant/participant receiving unemployment compensation/insurance? Have they applied for benefits (even if they are not yet receiving UC benefits)?
  • Has the applicant served in the armed forces, including reserves regardless of discharge status?
  • Is the applicant/participant 24 years old or younger and aged out of foster care?
  • Is the applicant/participant homeless per the following definition?
    • A Homeless applicant/participant who lacks a fixed and regular nighttime residence or whose primary nighttime residence is:
      • A supervised shelter designed to provide temporary accommodations (such as a welfare hotel or congregate shelter).
      • A halfway house or similar institution that provides temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized.
      • A temporary accommodation for not more than 90 days in the residence of another individual; or
      • A place not designed for, or ordinarily used, as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings (a hallway, a bus station, a lobby or similar places).