Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1110.000.00 RESOURCES

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Determine the value of EU resources. EUs are ineligible if resources exceed the maximum resources allowed. It is the EU’s responsibility to report all resources owned at the time of application. Any resources anticipated to be received are not counted until received.

Resources are defined as follows.

  • Liquid resources that are readily negotiable such as:
    • cash on hand,
    • checking account,
    • savings account,
    • credit union accounts,
    • prepaid Visa and Master cards,
    • smiONE cards,
    • Direct Express cards,
    • U.S. Savings Bonds, stocks,
    • notes receivable,
    • marketable assets, and
    • lump sum payments.

    NOTE: Store specific gift cards are not counted as a resource.

    NOTE: Do not count current month’s income as a liquid resource in the month of receipt. Do not count the value of outstanding checks, as this money is not available to the EU. Enter the amount of the current month’s income or outstanding checks in the excluded amount field and CI (current month’s income) or OC(outstanding checks) in the excluded reason (Excl Rsn) field on the Liquid Resource (FMW0) screen.

  • Non-liquid resources or fixed assets such as real property (buildings, land, etc.) and personal property (boats, aircraft, etc.).

Resources are entered on the following screens in FAMIS:

  • Liquid Resource (FMW0) screen;
  • Prepaid Burial (FMW1) screen;
  • Personal Property (FMW2) screen;
  • Vehicle (FMW3) screen; and
  • Real Property (FMW4) screen.

Client statement (CS) is acceptable verification for the Food Stamp program, unless the resource or value is questionable or the value is near the maximum. Questionable information would be information provided by the EU that is inconsistent with other information available.

EXAMPLE: If an applicant states on the application for benefits that s/he does not have a checking account and later produces a checkbook to list an expense, the statement is inconsistent with other information provided (the checkbook).

To pend for verification of a resource, leave the verification field blank.

Always review the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen prior to authorizing a case action to ensure the appropriate resources are included in the determination. From the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen, press F15=RESOURCE to view the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen. If the resource is incorrect, select the resource and press F6=DETAILS to return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.