Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1110.010.00 Persons Whose Resources Are To Be Considered

IM-71 August 31, 2023; IM-14 February 23, 2007; IM-56 April 18, 2003; IM-121 July 2, 2001; IM-142 November 6, 1998

Resources of all individuals determined to be household members are included in the resource eligibility determination. Resources are entered into the eligibility system on the appropriate screens:

  • Liquid Resource screen
  • Prepaid Burial screen
  • Personal Property screen
  • Real Property screen

The resources of the following individuals are included or excluded as follows.

Always review the Financial Resource Detail Summary screen prior to authorizing a case action to ensure resources you expect to be included are included in the determination. If the resource is incorrect, return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.