Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1110.010.00 Persons Whose Resources Are To Be Considered

IM-#14 February 23, 2007,  IM-#56 April 18, 2003,  IM-121 July 2, 2001,  IM-#142 November 6, 1998

Resources of all individuals determined to be EU members are included in the resource eligibility determination. Resources are entered in FAMIS on the appropriate screens:

  • Liquid Resource (FMW0) screen;
  • Prepaid Burial (FMW1) screen;
  • Personal Property (FMW2) screen;
  • Vehicle (FMW3) screen; and
  • Real Property (FMW4) screen.

The resources of the following individuals are included or excluded as follows.

Always review the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen prior to authorizing a case action to ensure resources you expect to be included are included in the determination. From the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen, press F15=RESOURCE to view the Financial Resource Detail Summary (FMWG) screen. If the resource is incorrect, select the resource and press F6=DETAILS to return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.