1120.000.00 Application Process

1120.005.05 Food Stamp Program Explanation

IM-83 December 8, 2016; IM-27 April 9, 2014; IM-78 August 25, 2004; IM-27 March 19, 2004

When asked about the Food Stamp Program, FSD staff shall:

All customers are encouraged to contact the FSD Info Center (855-373-4636) for assistance.

FSD staff shall review the following materials and corresponding policies with each Food Stamp applicant:

  • IM-31F Applying for Food Stamp benefits
  • IM-4 Child Care pamphlet

NOTE: If the applicant’s language proficiency is not English, provide the applicant with translated materials (as available) from the intranet.

FSD staff shall review the following eligibility requirements with each Food Stamp applicant during the interview or as appropriate:

Enter a comment on EUMEMROL confirming that the aforementioned materials and policies were reviewed with each applicant.

Each FSD staff and/or applicant shall complete the following forms upon application or recertification:

  • Application for SNAP (FS-1)
    • Eligibility Statement (FA-102 Interview Summary for FTF interviews or if requested by an applicant)
      • NOTE: Staff must review the FA-102 but have the option to print if there is a Food Stamp only application.  Applications in conjunction with another program must be printed.
    • Expedited Service Notice (FA-110 for initial applications only)
    • Missouri Voter Registration Application
    • If applicable:
      • Referral for Social Security Number (SSN-1)
      • Applicable Release(s) of Information
      • Request For Information (FA-325)