Section 2, Chapter 6 (Referrals to the Juvenile Court), Subsection 4 – Masters of Social Work Consultation

(Effective 04/15/19)

6.4 Master’s Level Consultation

Prior to making a referral to the juvenile court, or as soon as possible thereafter, staff must consult with a professional with two years of experience in child welfare and an advanced degree in social work, or another comparable clinical human services profession.  Staff may be a consultant if they have two years of hold a Master’s Degree in one of the following areas:

  • Social Work/Human Services;
  • Psychology;
  • Sociology;
  • Psychiatric Nursing;
  • Education;
  • Counseling;
  • Marriage and Family Therapy;
  • Family and Child Development;
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Juvenile Justice;
  • Human Services related fields (e.g., child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities).

The consultant’s role is to be involved in the decision making process and to make a recommendation regarding the removal of the child from the home.  The purpose of the consultation is to help ensure all factors on which a major case decision has been based have been carefully considered.

Staff must document the Masters’ Level Consultation in the case record.  This may be documented in the narrative of the CA/N Report or the Opening Summary of the Alternative Care record.

Note: A removal consultation is not required in circuits where a removal Team Decision Making (TDM) meeting has occurred for the child(ren).