Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual

1125.010.05 Income, Resources, and Shelter Costs

IM-134 December 21, 2021; IM-57 May 30, 2017; IM-33 June 24, 2014; IM-50 June 4, 2007; IM-27 March 19, 2004; IM-71 April 10, 2001; IM-1 January 15, 1999

Use the following to determine if, for the screening month, the total countable household income, minus child support paid, is less than $150 and resources are less than $100 OR that the countable income and resources are less than shelter costs.

  • The eligibility system includes liquid resources entered in the system and shows on the Expedited Summary screen.

    NOTE: Liquid resources include cash on hand or in a checking account, savings or credit union accounts, U.S. Savings Bonds, stocks, notes receivable, marketable assets, and lump sum payments.

  • Determine the countable gross income and enter the gross monthly income on the Income screen for each household member. The eligibility system determines the household’s combined countable gross income and enters the monthly gross income on the Expedited Summary screen.
  • Enter overhead expenses of self-employment income on the Income Expense screen. The eligibility system deducts the expenses from total income to determine adjusted gross income.

    EXAMPLE: Mrs. A is a self-employed sales representative for a cosmetic company. She has expenses for producing income. The  expenses are entered on the Income Expense screen. The eligibility system subtracts the self-employment expenses from her self-employment income to determine the monthly income to be shown on the Expedited Summary screen.

  • Enter income from a new source in the Income screen that has not been received prior to the application, only when the individual:
    • Has already been approved for unearned income, or has already begun working; and
    • Is reasonably certain of the amount and date of payment(s).
  • If the amount of income that will be received, or when it will be received, is uncertain, do not enter the portion of the household’s income that is uncertain.
    • Do not enter the income on the Income screen until the income is approved or the individual has started working. For example, a household anticipating income from a new source, such as a new job or recently applied for public assistance benefits, may be uncertain as to the timing and amount of the initial payment. Income shall not be entered unless there is reasonable certainty of the month in which the payment will be received and in what amount.

      EXAMPLE: Mrs. A has a part-time job and was approved for SSA on 1/18. It is not certain that Mrs. A will receive an SSA check in the month of February. Therefore, only the income from her employment is counted for the month of February. If it is certain Mrs. A will receive the SSA payment in February, it is counted as income for February.

  • The eligibility system does not include income and resources of non-household members (such as ineligible students or an individual who received in another household or state in the month) or excluded income and resources.
  • The eligibility system includes only the prorated share of income and all resources for household members if the household member is ineligible for the following:
  • The eligibility system includes all income and all resources for the household members if the household member is disqualified/sanctioned for the following:
  • FAMIS uses the rent or house payment plus the appropriate utility standard (SUA, NHCS, LUA, telephone standard or combination of NHCS or LUA and telephone standard) to determine shelter costs. Taxes or insurance is not included.