Children’s Division Memorandums

2013 CD Memos

Number Date Description
CD13-101 12/30/2013 Resource Parent Quarterly Home Visit
CD13-100 12/19/2013 STARS Train the Trainer
CD13-99 12/16/2013 Child Care Provider IRS-1099 MISC Forms
CD13-98 12/13/2013 Jefferson City Child Care Provider Relations Unit to Assume Child Care Provider Relations for St. Charles County
CD13-97 12/13/2013 Policy Update to the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)
CD13-96 12/10/2013 New Guidelines for Record Retention of Level Two Payment Documentation
CD13-95 12/05/2013 Missouri Heart Gallery 2014 Registration Procedure
CD13-94 12/05/2013 Policy Revision for Working with Incarcerated Parents through Introduction of Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing
CD13-93 11/26/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – November 2013 Edition
CD13-92 11/01/2013 Missouri’s Child Care &ampl Development Fund State Plan FY 2014-2015
CD13-91 10/04/2013 Safeboot Training Available
CD13-90 10/07/2013 Introduction of the NCFAS G+R Assessment Tool
CD13-89 10/03/2013 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD13-88 09/25/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – September 2013 Edition
CD13-87 09/12/2013 Child Care Case Review System Follow Up
CD13-86 09/12/2013 Revised Differential Response Policy
CD13-85 09/12/2013 Revised De Novo Judicial Review Policy and Procedures
CD13-84 09/12/2013 Revised Delayed Conclusion Policy
CD13-83 09/09/2013 A Collaboration to Strengthen Educational Successes of Children and Youth in Foster Care
CD13-82 09/04/2013 Protective Service Alert Form Letter (PSA-1) and Instructions
CD13-81 09/03/2013 Informed Consent
CD13-80 09/03/2013 Revision of Critical Event Protocol and Forms
CD13-79 08/29/2013 Statewide Results of Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE)
CD13-78 08/29/2013 Re-entry Legislation
CD13-77 08/28/2013 Emergency Foster Care Services
CD13-76 08/28/2013 Individuals Eligible for Guardianship Subsidy
CD13-75 08/27/2013 72 Hour Plan and FST Template
CD13-74 08/27/2013 Expanded Medicaid Eligibility for Former Foster Care Youth
CD13-73 08/23/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – August 2013 Edition
CD13-72 08/22/2013 Fiscal Year 2013 Statewide Single Audit for the Child Care Assistance Program
CD13-71 08/22/2013 Resource Family In-Service Training Request, CD-114, Revision
CD13-70 08/22/2013 2013 Legislative Update and Related Policy Revisions
CD13-69 08/16/2013 NYTD Surveying of 17 Year Olds
CD13-68 07/30/2013 Restriction of In-Home Care
CD13-67 07/19/2013 Increase in Child Care income eligibility guidelines
CD13-66 07/19/2013 Increase in State Maximum Rates for Licensed and Faith Based Providers
CD13-65 07/12/2013 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD13-64 07/09/2013 Disparity and Disproportionality in Child Welfare Training Requirement for New Frontline Staff
CD13-63 07/01/2013 Residential Rate Increase
CD13-62 06/24/2013 2013 Linking Hearts Community Adoption Event
CD13-61 06/24/2013 Referrals to Head Start/Early Head Start
CD13-60 06/24/2013 Child Care Manual Glossary
CD13-59 06/19/2013 Tools to Inform Relatives and Kin
CD13-58 06/19/2013 Sibling Administrative Review
CD13-57 06/18/2013 Introduction to a Medically Based Screening Protocol for the Medical Response to Child Sexual Abuse/Assault
CD13-56 06/17/2013 Older Youth Program FACES Conversion
CD13-55 06/17/2013 Revisions to Resource Home and Safety Checklist
CD13-54 06/14/2013 Statewide Drug Testing Contract – Guardian Medical Logistics
CD13-53 06/13/2013 Introduction to Trauma Webinar
CD13-52 06/10/2013 New Method for Submitting Payments to the FACES Payment Unit for Level Two Approval
CD13-51 06/10/2013 Salem Crisis Center
CD13-50 06/10/2013 Placement Exception Form, CD-201
CD13-49 05/31/2013 Revised Foster Care Cooperative Agreements
CD13-48 05/30/2013 Kinship and Relative home placements
CD13-47 05/30/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – May 2013 Edition
CD13-46 05/29/2013 Transportation Services, Award of New Contract, Usage Guidelines
CD13-45 05/23/2013 Child Care Alerts in the FAMIS/FACES Interface
CD13-44 05/23/2013 Revisions to STARS Pre-Service Training
CD13-43 05/21/2013 Changes to Child Support Policy as it Pertains to Children in Foster Care
CD13-42 05/13/2013 New Personal Home Page and changes to Worker Alerts
CD13-41 05/10/2013 FACES Follow-up Training
CD13-40 05/03/2013 Results Oriented Management (ROM) Report
CD13-39 04/30/2013 Children’s Foundation of Mid-America, Inc.
CD13-38 04/29/2013 Removal of the Z Code in Child Abuse/Neglect Reports
CD13-37 04/26/2013 Changes Affecting the Verification of Need for Child Care
CD13-36 04/26/2013 Update to Deductions from Gross Income
CD13-35 04/26/2013 Changes to Satisfactory Progress and Exceptions in Child Care Policy
CD13-34 04/26/2013 Children’s Division and Head Start Collaboration
CD13-33 04/22/2013 Lives Under Construction
CD13-32 04/12/2013 New Service Codes for Out-Of-State Residential Placements, Child Specific Mental Health Placements, and Residential Facility Outdoor Program
CD13-31 04/12/2013 Home Visitation Program
CD13-30 04/12/2013 May 5 – 11 Is Children’s Mental Health Week
CD13-29 04/08/2013 Alternative Opportunities, Inc. – Cedar Grove Group Home
CD13-28 04/05/2013 Medical Records Fees
CD13-27 04/04/2013 Transportation Reimbursement Process Revisions
CD13-26 04/02/2013 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD13-25 04/02/2013 Faith Foundation Children’s Home
CD13-24 04/01/2013 Clinical Supervision Process and Guide
CD13-23 03/29/2013 ReStart (Emergency Shelter)
CD13-22 03/26/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – March 2013 Edition
CD13-21 03/22/2013 Legal Guardianship – FACES Updates
CD13-20 03/21/2013 ReStart Inc.
CD13-19 03/20/2013 FSD Child Care Assistance Program Training Requirements
CD13-18 03/20/2013 New Investigation & Assessment Monitoring Screen in FACES
CD13-17 03/11/2013 Child Care Summer Authorizations
CD13-16 03/11/2013 Changes Affecting Child Care Absences and Holidays Policy
CD13-15 02/25/2013 Accessing Information from Missouri Automated Child Support System, Family Assistance Management Information System Displayed in FACES and Federal Parent Locator Service, Rescinded 08-28-23, Superseded by CD23-27 Diligent Search and Placement Guidance
CD13-14 02/20/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter – February 2013 Edition
CD13-13 02/8/2013 Contact List Screen Requirement Changes
CD13-12 02/06/2013 Children’s Foundation of Mid- America, Inc.
CD13-11 02/06/2013 Introduction of Policy and Procedures for the Process of Transitioning Youth into Individualized Supported Living, Guardianship or Conservatorship
CD13-10 02/05/2013 Intensive In Home Services (IIS) Peer Record Review Revision
CD13-09 02/05/2013 Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch
CD13-08 01/24/2013 Child Assessment and Service Plan Screen Revision in FACES
CD13-07 01/23/2013 Policy Update Regarding Subsidy Case Closure Dates in FACES
CD13-06 01/22/2013 FACES Monthly Newsletter- January 2013 Edition
CD13-05 01/18/2013 Quarterly CQI Newsletter, IN FOCUS
CD13-04 01/07/2013 Psychotropic Medications
CD13-03 01/02/2013 Missouri Heart Gallery 2013 Registration Procedure
CD13-02 01/02/2013 Automated Printing of the Division’s Confidentiality Coversheet
CD13-01 01/02/2013 Engaging Fathers and Other Familial Caretakers in the Newborn Crisis Assessment Process