Practice points and Alerts

2014 and Older Practice Points or Alerts

Number Title Category Date
PP14-IA-02 Tracking Timely Initial Contact Investigations / Assessments 12/12/2014
PP14-IA-01 Closing Child Fatality Investigations (Rescinded 10/21/14) Investigations / Assessments 01/07/2014
PP13-IA-05 Mandatory Referral to the First Steps Program for All CA/N Victims Under 3 Years Investigations / Assessments 10/31/2013
PA13-IA-04 Criminal Background Checks for Safety Planning Purposes Investigations / Assessments 07/01/2013
PP13-IA-03 TANF Drug Test Indicator Investigations / Assessments 05/20/2013
PP13-IA-02 State Technical Assistance Team (STAT) Investigations / Assessments 05/14/2013
PP13-IA-01 Notify CANRB of Changes Prior to the Hearing Investigations / Assessments 03/29/2013
PA12-IA-04 Use of the CANRB Determination Screen in FACES Investigations / Assessments 12/31/2012
PA12-IA-03 Reassignment of Pending Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Reports Investigations / Assessments 07/25/2012
PP12-IA-02 Accurate Data Entry of Timely Initial Contact (Rescinded 10/21/14) Investigations / Assessments 05/02/2012
PP12-IA-01 Non-CA/N Referrals Are Not Priors for CA/N Risk Assessments Investigations / Assessments 04/18/2012
PP11-IA-04 Preventive Service Referrals Sent on all Pending Case Management Cases Investigations / Assessments 10/06/2011
PA11-IA-03 On-Call Entry Investigations / Assessments 06/15/2011
PA11-IA-02 Documenting Prior History in Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Reports Investigations / Assessments 05/27/2011
PP11-IA-01 Writing CA/N Conclusions and Providing Due Process on the CS-21 Investigations / Assessments 02/22/2011
PP10-IA-04 Gather Evidence and Establish Children’s Safety Without Coercion Investigations / Assessments 12/17/2010
PA10-IA-03 Worker Alerts Sent Out on CA/N Reports with Additional Information Calls Investigations / Assessments 11/23/2010
PA10-IA-02 Documenting Initial Contacts of Children (Rescinded 10/21/14) Investigations / Assessments 08/19/2010
PA10-IA-01 Medical Examinations in Child Abuse/Neglect Investigations Investigations / Assessments 03/18/2010
PA09-IA-02 Use of the Investigation/Assessment Appeal Screens Investigations / Assessments 12/03/2009
PP09-IA-01 Collateral Contacts CA/N Investigations and Family Assessments Investigations / Assessments 07/27/2009
PP08-IA-04 Confidentiality and Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations / Assessments 12/30/2008
PP08-IA-03 Unable to Locate Conclusion Investigations / Assessments 04/15/2008
PA08-IA-01 Involvement of the State Technical Assistance Team (STAT) Investigations / Assessments 01/24/2008
PP13-OT-03 Completing a Search Before Assigning a DCN Other 08/22/2013
PP13-OT-02 Obtaining a Release of Information When Referring to First Steps Other 07/25/2013
PA13-OT-01 Use of Certified Child Death Pathologists Other 03/27/2013
PP12-OT-02 Using and Accessing Missouri Juvenile Justice Information System (MOJJIS) Other 10/30/2012
PP12-OT-01 Resources Available for Human Trafficking Cases Other 07/31/2012
PP11-OT-03 Verify CTS Vendor Status Prior to Authorizing Services Other 11/16/2011
PP11-OT-02 Payment Documentation and Retention Other 05/12/2011
PP11-OT-01 Donations Other 04/12/2011
PP10-OT-12 Search Engine for the Child Welfare Manual Other 12/02/2010
PP10-OT-11 Remarks Entered on Service Authorizations Other 09/10/2010
PP10-OT-10 How to Locate and Access CD Forms Other 09/08/2010
PP10-OT-09 Use of Missouri Juvenile Justice Information System (MOJJIS) Other 08/12/2010
PP10-OT-08 Procedures for Sharing Information Other 05/19/2010
PA10-OT-07 Use of Transportation Contract Other 05/18/2010
PP10-OT-06 Genograms & Eco-maps Other 05/12/2010
PA10-OT-05 Child Care in Residential Placements Other 05/11/2010
PP10-OT-04 Identifying a Family’s Race (Rescinded with memo CD11-79) Other 04/05/2010
PP10-OT-03 Verify CTS Vendor Status Prior to Authorizing Services Other 02/24/2010
PA10-OT-02 Safeguarding Case Information Other 02/19/2010
PP10-OT-01 Professional Boundaries Other 01/29/2010
PA09-OT-05 Release of Social Security Numbers to Juvenile Officers Other 12/23/2009
PP09-OT-04 Obtaining a Release of Information When Referring to First Steps Other 12/16/2009
PP09-OT-03 Falsification of Case Records Other 07/22/2009
PP09-OT-02 ParentLink Warmline Other 04/16/2009
PP09-OT-01 Documenting Other 03/10/2009
PA08-OT-03 Mental and Behavioral Health Other 12/30/2008
PA08-OT-02 Donations Other 12/30/2008
PP08-OT-01 Inter County Communication Other 11/13/2008
PA16-RD-03 Non-safety Licensing Waivers for Licensing Relative Applicants Licensing / Resource Development 12/19/2016
PA16-RD-02 Payment Requests for Resource Parents Licensing / Resource Development 11/01/2016
PA16-RD-01 Social Media and Resource Parents Licensing / Resource Development 05/26/2016
PA14-RD-03 Background Checks Licensing / Resource Development 10/22/2014
PA14-RD-02 Resource Parent Out-of-Pocket Expenses Licensing / Resource Development 09/04/2014
PA14-RD-01 Resource Development Worker Responsibility Reminders Licensing / Resource Development 08/18/2014
PA13-RD-06 Respite Facts Licensing / Resource Development 11/19/2013
PA13-RD-05 Kinship Licensing / Resource Development 09/19/2013
PA13-RD-04 Inspecting a Resource Home for Foster Youth Placement Licensing / Resource Development 06/18/2013
PA13-RD-03 Resource Parent use of Respite versus Babysitting Licensing / Resource Development 04/10/2013
PA13-RD-02 Resource Home Applications Licensing / Resource Development 03/27/2013
PA13-RD-01 Process to Close Resource Vendors in FACES Licensing / Resource Development 01/31/2013
PA12-RD-04 Opening a Resource Provider in FACES Licensing / Resource Development 03/02/2012
PP12-RD-03 Resource Providers Payment Requests (Rescinded 10/13/15) Licensing / Resource Development 02/14/2012
PP12-RD-02 Applications for Licenses and Approvals Licensing / Resource Development 01/23/2012
PA12-RD-01 Children’s Division Cooperative Agreements for Foster Care Services Licensing / Resource Development 01/27/2012
PA11-RD-13 Transportation Reimbursement for Relative and Kinship Resource Providers Licensing / Resource Development 12/12/2011
PA11-RD-12 Revision of Relative and Kinship Introduction Letter, CD-71 Licensing / Resource Development 09/02/2011
PA11-RD-11 Respite Only Vendors Payment for Services (Rescinded 10/21/14) Licensing / Resource Development 09/01/2011
PP11-RD-10 Financial Information for Licensing Resource Homes Licensing / Resource Development 06/03/2011
PA11-RD-09 Supervisory Visit FACES Screen (Rescinded 10/21/14) Licensing / Resource Development 05/24/2011
PA11-RD-08 Respite Units for Non-Level B Foster Youth in a Contracted Level B Resource Home Licensing / Resource Development 05/10/2011
PA11-RD-07 Family Care Safety Registry Licensing / Resource Development 04/19/2011
PA11-RD-06 License and Approval Certificate Licensing / Resource Development 04/04/2011
PA11-RD-05 Payment Process for Level A Incentive Payment (Rescinded 2/2011/16) Licensing / Resource Development 03/29/2011
PA11-RD-04 Ex Parte Orders of Protection no Longer Available on Licensing / Resource Development 03/18/2011
PA11-RD-03 Drop Down-Side Cribs Outlawed Licensing / Resource Development 03/16/2011
PA11-RD-02 Vendor Begin and End Dates in FACES Licensing / Resource Development 03/14/2011
PP11-RD-01 Cooperative Agreements for Foster Care Services by ICPC Providers Licensing / Resource Development 01/06/2011
PP10-RD-05 Professional Family Development Plan Completion Licensing / Resource Development 12/02/2010
PP10-RD-04 Contracting for CPR Training Licensing / Resource Development 11/24/2010
PP10-RD-03 Availability Payments in FACES Licensing / Resource Development 11/15/2010
PP10-RD-02 Procedures Related to Licensure of Relative, Kinship, Foster and Adoptive Homes Associated with Contracted Case Management Providers (Rescinded 10/21/14) Licensing / Resource Development 02/16/2010
PP10-RD-01 Fair Hearing Request Licensing / Resource Development 02/09/2010
PA09-RD-06 Resource Provider Licenses and Contracts (Cooperative Agreements Licensing / Resource Development 11/03/2009
PP09-RD-05 Fair Hearing Licensing / Resource Development 09/17/2009
PA09-RD-04 Correct Process for Fingerprinting Referrals (Rescinded 10/21/14) Licensing / Resource Development 07/23/2009
PP09-RD-03 Safe Sleep Practice Licensing / Resource Development 06/22/2009
PP09-RD-02 Resource Provider Training Babysitting Fees Licensing / Resource Development 05/12/2009
PP09-RD-01 Out-of-State Child Abuse Registry Vendor Numbers Licensing / Resource Development 05/07/2009
PA08-RD-06 Relative/Kinship Home 90 Day Licensure Period Licensing / Resource Development 08/27/2008
PP08-RD-05 Licensing Resource Homes with Pets/Animals Licensing / Resource Development 08/05/2008
PP08-RD-04 Relative Resource Home Placements, Rescinded 08-28-23, Superseded by CD23-27 Diligent Search and Placement Guidance Licensing / Resource Development 05/28/2008
PP08-RD-03 Sibling Placements Licensing / Resource Development 03/21/2008
PP08-RD-02 Resource Provider Applications (Rescinded 10/21/14) Licensing / Resource Development 02/13/2008
PP08-RD-01 Availability Payments for Career Foster Parent(s) Licensing / Resource Development 01/24/2008
PA08-SA-03 Infant and Toddler Safety Safety 03/21/2008
PA08-SA-02 Children and Fire Safety Safety 01/23/2008
PA08-SA-01 Heating Equipment Safety 01/23/2008
PA17-AD-01 Medicaid Only Agreements Shall Not Be Negotiated For Guardianship Subsidy Cases Adoption 03/14/2017
PP13-AD-02 Electronic Submission of Emergency Subsidy Contracts Amendment or Addition of Subsidy Services Adoption 06/18/2013
PP13-AD-01 Closing Contracts for Adoption/Guardianship Subsidy Children/Youth Adoption 04/03/2013
PA12-AD-01 Subsidy Records Adoption 01/24/2012
PA11-AD-03 Criteria for Submission of Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy – Childcare Past Age 13 Due to Special Needs Adoption 11/28/2011
PP11-AD-02 Subsidy – Career (Level B) Maintenance Adoption 08/04/2011
PP11-AD-01 Replaced by PP13-AD-01 Adoption 01/12/2011
PP10-AD-02 AFCARS Data Entry – Primary Special Need Adoption 01/08/2010
PA10-AD-01 Case Reviews Adoption 01/08/2010
PP09-AD-02 Adoption Staffing Adoption 07/13/2009
PP09-AD-01 Administrative Hearings related to Adoption/Guardianship Subsidy Agreements Adoption 03/31/2009
PA08-AD-04 Guardianship and Adoption Subsidy Adoption 11/13/2008
PP08-AD-03 Guardianship Subsidy Adoption 11/13/2008
PP08-AD-02 Subsidy – Declination Statements Adoption 11/13/2008
PA08-AD-01 Adoption Assistance – Subsidy Adoption 03/03/2008
PP16-CC-01 Summer Authorizations for School Age Children Child Care 05/18/2016
PP15-CC-06 Local Children’s Division and Head Start Collaborations Child Care 10/29/2015
PA15-CC-05 Child Care Providers for Protective Services Children Child Care 03/20/2015
PP15-CC-04 The Purpose of the Exception Button When Authorizing Protective Services Child Care Child Care 03/20/2015
PP15-CC-03 Resource Parents as Child Care Providers Child Care 03/20/2015
PP15-CC-02 Authorizing School Age Children in FAMIS Child Care 03/17/2015
PA15-CC-01 Provider to Child Relationship Child Care 03/17/2015
PP14-CC-02 Alerts and Reminders Child Care 10/09/2014
PP14-CC-01 Averaging Hours of Employment for Purposes Of Determining Child Care Eligibility Child Care 01/31/2014
PP13-CC-07 Child Care Eligibility Vs. Child Care Authorization Child Care 12/23/2013
PP13-CC-06 Offering Child Care Applications Child Care 12/11/2013
PA13-CC-04 Documentation of Child Care Need for Protective Services Children Child Care 07/18/2013
PP13-CC-03 Free ParentLink Resources Child Care 03/08/2013
PA13-CC-02 Head Start and Early Head Start Participation With the Child Care Assistance Program Child Care 03/08/2013
PA13-CC-01 Authorization Issues Impacting Child Care Provider Payments Child Care 03/08/2013
PA12-CC-01 Valid Need for Care and Request for Income Information Child Care 09/18/2012
PA11-CC-04 Timely and Valid Authorizations for Protective Services Child Care 12/07/2011
PP11-CC-03 Valid Need for Child Care for Protective Services Children Child Care 08/15/2011
PA11-CC-02 Use of Child Care Subsidy for School Tuition Child Care 07/12/2011
PA11-CC-01 Protective Services Child Care Authorizations Child Care 02/18/2011
PP10-CC-03 The Purpose of the Exception Button When Authorizing Protective Services Child Care Child Care 11/18/2010
PP10-CC-02 NON-TA (NTA) Job Search Program Child Care 06/01/2010
PP10-CC-01 Evening/Weekend Childcare Child Care 01/29/2010
PA09-CC-03 Child Care for Children’s Division Children and Families Child Care 12/30/2009
PP09-CC-02 Verification of Relationship of Family Home Provider to a Child Child Care 12/28/2009
PA09-CC-01 Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Child Care 04/22/2009
PP12-IIS-01 IIS Contract Utilization IIS / IFRS 12/03/2012
PP08-IIS-02 Intensive Family Rreunification Services IIS / IFRS 12/01/2008
PP08-IIS-01 Record Retention and Expungement IIS/IFRS IIS / IFRS 05/29/2008
PP17-CM-02 Domestic Violence, Confidentiality, and Safe at Home Case Management 04/05/17
PP17-CM-01 Authorization for Release of Medical/Health Information Case Management 03/15/17
PP16-CM-05 November is National Adoption Month Case Management 11/15/16
PP16-CM-04 Contraception for Youth in Foster Care Case Management 10/2013/16
PP16-CM-03 Sharing Information about Students in Foster Care with Schools Case Management 08/23/16
PP16-CM-02 Clothing Vouchers for Children in Alternative Care Case Management 01/07/16
PP15-CM-04 Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) Data Accuracy Training Case Management 12/23/15
PP15-CM-03 Entering Worker with Child Visits and Worker with Parent Visits Accurately and Timely in FACES Case Management 11/04/15
PP15-CM-02 Case Name Selection Case Management 01/27/15
PP15-CM-01 Cultural Guidelines for Working with Families Who Have Experienced Sudden and Unexpected Death Case Management 01/15/15
PP14-CM-01 Working with Parents of Children in Foster Care Case Management 01/16/14
PP10-CM-01 Supervisory Case Review Completion When a Service County Is Involved and Clarification on Case Assignment (Rescinded 10/21/14) Case Management 05/14/10
PP09-CM-02 Entering ICPC referral information into FACES Case Management 06/05/09
PP09-CM-01 Importance of Reviewing Prior History Case Management 01/15/09