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IM-79 12/29/11
Written Translation Services
IM-78 12/19/11
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training
IM-77 12/21/11
Increase in Personal Needs and Expense Allowance for Vendor and SNC Cases
IM-76 12/21/11
Increase in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB), and Qualifying Individuals (QI-1 Or SLMB2) Resource Limits
IM-75 12/13/11
Update of 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-74 12/09/11
Credible Coverage Under the Blind Pension Program
IM-73 12/09/11
Legacy January 2012 COLA Adjustment of SSA/SSI/VA/RR Income
IM-72 12/09/11
January 2012 COLA Adjustment of SSA/SSI/VA/RR Income
IM-71 12/09/11
Missouri Promoting Food Security Plan
IM-70 12/09/11
Food Stamp Applications Expedited After the 15th of the Month
IM-69 12/06/11
Domestic Violence Training for FY 2012
IM-68 11/28/11
New Temporary Assistance Closings Report
IM-67 11/09/11
Clarifications to Recent Update to Need Section of the Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual
IM-66 10/27/11
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2011
IM-65 10/26/11
Procedural Changes, Initiating and Preparing for an Administrative Hearing
IM-64 10/26/11
IM-87, Application for State Hearing
IM-63 10/26/11
Administrative Hearings Training Curriculum; Second Online Course -- Initiating and Preparing for the Administrative Hearing
IM-62 10/18/11
Food Stamp Interview Screen and Duplicate Participation Enhancement
IM-61 09/30/11
Increase in Food Stamp Resource Limit for Elderly or Disabled Households
IM-60 09/26/11
Voter Registration Manual Revision
IM-59 09/20/11
Work Activities for a Teen Parent During the Summer Months
IM-58 09/13/11
Updates to Need Section of the Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual
IM-57 09/13/11
House Bill 73 & 47 TANF Drug Testing Questions and Answers
IM-56 09/13/11
Benefit Payment History Report for Archived and Current Mo HealthNet for Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD)
IM-55 09/13/11
Medical Expense Standard
IM-54 09/13/11
Home and Community Based Revised Referral Form IM-54A Instructions
IM-53 09/08/11
Clarification of Use of Durable Medical Equipment to Meet Spenddown
IM-52 09/08/11
Resources Fall Below Limit in Month of Application
IM-51 09/02/11
October Food Stamp Mass Adjustment
IM-50 09/02/11
Shelter Expense Enhancements
IM-49 08/25/11
Clarification of Reasonable Opportunity to Present Documentary Evidence of Citizenship for MO HealthNet Programs
IM-48 08/11/11
Changes in Forms Submitted for Medical Review Team (MRT) Determinations
IM-47 08/05/11
Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)
IM-46 08/02/11
Child Support Payment History Web Page
IM-45 07/20/11
IM-16 Communication Transmittal
IM-44 07/11/11
Temporary Assistance Good Cause for Non-Cooperation with Family Support Division - Child Support
IM-43 07/08/11
Update to IM-4 Vendor Planning Pamphlet
IM-42 07/08/11
Update to IM-4 Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program (TWHA) Information Pamphlet
IM-41 07/08/11
Grant Payroll Report
IM-40 06/23/11
MO HealthNet for Kids CHIP Premium Change
IM-39 06/20/11
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2011
IM-38 06/17/11
Regular Food Stamp Applications After Disaster
IM-37 06/17/11
Temporary Assistance/Case Management
IM-36 06/14/11
IRS Penalties Training
IM-35 06/14/11
Use of Durable Medical Equipment to Meet Spenddown
IM-34 06/20/11
Revised Case Review System
IM-33 06/09/11
Clarification of MO HealthNet Annual Reviews for Active Department of Mental Health Clients
IM-32 06/09/11
Completion of Facility Placement Information Screen (FACPLACE or FMJ4) When the Customer is Deceased Prior to the Determination of Eligibility
IM-31 06/21/11
Increase in Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustment in Vendor
IM-30 06/21/11
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-29 05/31/11
Disaster Food Assistance
IM-28 05/11/11
SEBTC Demonstration Project Update
IM-27 05/11/11
Notice of Intent to File Medicaid Tefra Lien
IM-26 04/22/11
Identification Requirements to Obtain Missouri Vital Records
IM-25 04/22/11
Procedures for Conducting Internal IRS Field Office Inspections
IM-24 04/22/11
Temporary Assistance Sixty (60) Month Lifetime Limit
IM-23 04/18/11
Puerto Rican Birth Certificates
IM-22 04/14/11
Minor Parent Budget Clarification Update To Mo Healthnet for Pregnant Women (MPW)
IM-21 04/14/11
Changes to the Temporary Assistance Caseload Listing Report
IM-20 04/14/11
Addition of MoHealthnet Programs to the Department of Corrections Offender Pre Release MoHealthnet Application Program
IM-19 03/28/11
Change in Requirements for Submitting Medical Records to the Medical Review Team
IM-18 03/16/11
FAMIS Alert on 60 Month Time Limit
IM-17 03/14/11
Affordable Insurance Standards Change for Mo HealthNet for Kids Chip Premium
IM-16 03/14/11
Update Of Poverty Income Guidelines for Family Healthcare Programs, MO Healthnet For The Aged, Blind, and Disabled Spenddown and Non Spenddown, Ticket to Work Health Assurance (TWHA) , Qualified Medicare Beneficiary(QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary(SLMB And SLMB-2), Mo Healthnet for Disabled Children, and Qualified Disabled Working Individuals (QDWI) Programs
IM-15 03/07/11
Case Location Policy
IM-14 02/24/11
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
IM-13 02/24/11
DM 3700 Project
IM-12 02/18/11
Internal Revenue Service Match and Safeguarding of Federal Tax Information (FTI)
IM-11 02/16/11
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2011
IM-10 02/16/11
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2011
IM-9 02/15/11
Earned Income Tax Credit
IM-8 02/03/11
Uninsured Women's Health Services Clarification
IM-7 01/26/11
Explanation of Partial Month Nursing Home/SNC Coverage for the MO HealthNet Programs
IM-6 01/26/11
Clarification of Disability Benefits from a Government Agency
IM-5 01/21/11
Summer Electronic Benefit for Children (SEBTC)
IM-4 01/21/11
Voter Registration Services Reminder
IM-3 01/18/11
Vendor Level of Care Requests Procedures and Processing Timeframes
IM-2 01/11/11
IM Online
IM-1 01/06/11
Licensed Childcare Provider Code Added to FAMIS