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IM-93 12/29/09
Group Living Arrangements
IM-92 12/29/09
Significant Return for the Food Stamp Program
IM-91 12/28/09
Returned Mail for the Food Stamp Program.
IM-90 12/28/09
2010 Mileage Rate Decrease
IM-89 12/30/09
Changes in Bureau of Vital Records (BVR) Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity (VS 465) and Introduction of Additional Forms
IM-88 12/23/09
New NI Code in FAMIS for Budgeting Nursing Home Insurance Income
IM-87 12/15/09
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training
IM-86 12/11/09
Change in Career Assistance Program Priority of Services for Temporary Assistance Participants at Division of Workforce Development
IM-85 11/30/09
Work Eligibility Determination/Assessment for Temporary Assistance Work Eligible Individuals
IM-84 11/19/09
Changes in Child Support Affecting Temporary Assistance Participants
IM-83 11/09/09
Temporary Assistance Automated Claims Procedure
IM-82 10/09/09
IM-81 10/09/09
FAMIS Backout Plan
IM-80 10/08/09
Medical Review Team System Conversion to FAMIS
IM-79 10/02/09
FAMIS Changes
IM-78 10/05/09
MO HealthNet Managed Care Contracts Awarded and Pharmacy, Dental, and Optical Coverage Changes
IM-77 09/28/09
Direct Deposit Add / Update(DDEP) Screen Changes
IM-76  09/25/09
IM-61 Social Information Summary Revision
IM-75  09/25/09
Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D 2010 and Eligibility for Low Income Subsidy
IM-74  09/25/09
FAMIS Ex Parte Enhancement Uninsured Women's Health Insurance Program
IM-73  09/25/09
Access to Affordable Insurance and State Employee Health Insurance
IM-72  09/25/09
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2009
IM-71  09/16/09
FAMIS Screen Changes Due to the Integration of the Adult Programs
IM-70  09/11/09
IM-4FS, Eat for Health Brochure
IM-69  09/10/09
National Voter Registration Act Training
IM-68  09/04/09
Automated Referral and Response Form
IM-67  09/03/09
TA Worker Initiated Budget Calculations Area (FMXR) Update
IM-66  09/03/09
Adult MO HealthNet FAMIS Training Plan
IM-65  09/03/09
Adult Programs Move to FAMIS
IM-64  09/03/09
National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)
IM-63  08/31/09
Food Stamp Replacement Requests
IM-62  08/28/09
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-61  08/21/09
CARS-7 Food Stamp Repayment Agreement Form and Instructions
IM-60  08/05/09
FAMIS Enhancement When Entering Income
IM-59  08/05/09
Benefit Payment History Report IM-115 Request for Food Stamp Household Report
IM-58  08/05/09
New Messages on Application Detail Screen in FAMIS
IM-57  08/03/09
Minor Parent, Not Head of Household
IM-56  07/28/09
Famis Birth/Death Information (FMAQ or BIRTH) Screen Changes
IM-55  07/21/09
ARRA Funds for WIA Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth
IM-54  07/21/09
Reasonable Opportunity to Present Documentary Evidence of Citizenship
IM-53  07/21/09
Household's Review of Food Stamp Information in Automated Systems
IM-52  07/20/09
Afghan Special Immigrant Extension
IM-51  07/10/09
Manually Calculating a Food Stamp Budget
IM-50  07/06/09
New GI Code in FAMIS for Budgeting Graduate Student Income
IM-49  07/01/09
FAMIS Income Expense Code Update for All Programs in FAMIS
IM-48  06/30/09
Pending Food Stamp Application for Compliance
IM-47  06/30/09
Self-Employment Taxes
IM-46  06/30/09
FAMIS Screen FWHR, Web Account Activation
IM-45  06/30/09
2009 Mileage Rate Increase
IM-44  06/22/09
Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)
IM-43  06/17/09
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2009
IM-42  06/12/09
Quality Control and Threshold Increase
IM-41  06/12/09
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-40  06/11/09
MO Healthnet For Kids CHIP Premium Change
IM-39  06/11/09
Grant Increases and Adjustments in Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) & Blind Pension (BP) Cases
IM-38  06/11/09
Increases in Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustment in Vendor Cases
IM-37  06/11/09
MO Healthnet CHIP Premiums
IM-36  06/10/09
Food Stamp/Temporary Assistance Interview Guide
IM-35  06/02/09
Processing Internet Changes Reported Through the Missouri Benefit Center
IM-34  06/01/09
Internet Change Reporting and Review Current Benefits
IM-33  05/19/09
Famis Non-Citizen Information (FMML) Screen Changes
IM-32  05/15/09
Blind Pension Lawsuit
IM-31  05/13/09
IM-112 Action Taken on Your Food Stamp Case
IM-30  05/13/09
Customer Service Feedback Instructions Forms Manual Revision # 4
IM-29  05/11/09
SMI Premium Budgeting for QMB Approval Food Stamp Manual Revision #12
IM-28  04/29/09
Issuance and Use of Food Stamp Coupons
IM-27  04/29/09
Enhancements to FAMIS Document Screens
IM-26  04/22/09
Claims for Food Stamp Benefits Including Arra Allotment Increase
IM-25  04/17/09
Addition of SF (Safe At Home) Living Arrangement Code
IM-24  04/17/09
Claims for Food Stamp Benefits Including ARRA Allotment Increase
IM-23  04/17/09
New Message on Shelter Expense (FMXK) Screen
IM-22  04/15/09
Famis Inquiry Access Statewide
IM-21  04/03/09
Uninsured Women's Health Services Participant Coded Disabled in Famis
IM-20  04/06/09
Request for Interpretation of Policy (IM-14) Form Revision Forms Manual Revision #3
IM-19  04/01/09
IM-4 Metp Revision Forms Manual Revision # 2
IM-18  03/25/09
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2009
IM-17  03/18/09
Addition of US (Unemployment Compensation/Stimulus Increase) Unearned Income Code
IM-16  03/13/09
April Food Stamp Benefit Adjustment
IM-15  03/13/09
SSA, SSI, RR, VA Stimulus Payments
IM-14  03/05/09
Affordable Insurance Standards Change For MO HealthNet For Kids SCHIP Premium Program
IM-13  03/05/09
Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) And Update Of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) For MO HealthNet For The Aged, Blind, And Disabled Spenddown And Non Spenddown, Ticket To Work Health Assurance (TWHA) , Qualified Medicare Beneficiary(QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary(SLMB And SLMB-2) And Qualified Disabled Working Individuals (QDWI) Programs
IM-12  03/05/09
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines, Cost of Living Adjustments for Family Healthcare Programs
IM-11  03/04/09
Administrative Hearings Unit Reorganization
IM-10  02/13/09
Temporary Assistance, MO Healthnet For Families, and MO Healthnet for Kids Reinvestigations
IM-9  02/13/09
Immediate Engagement Compliance During Snow and Ice Storm
IM-8  02/13/09
Increase in Average Private Pay Nursing Rate for Transfer of Property Cases
IM-7  02/06/09
Counties Waived From Meeting The 18-To-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-6  02/04/09
Voter Registration Application Famis Enhancement
IM-5  01/13/09
Good Cause For Food Stamp METP Non-Participation, Conciliation, And Non-Compliance Determined By Eligibility Specialists
IM-4  01/09/09
Addition Of MO HealthNet Eligibility (ME) Code Field To MXIX Screen
IM-3  01/09/09
Food Stamp DWD Details
IM-2  01/09/09
Voter Registration Application
IM-1  01/07/09
Uninsured Women’s Health Services Program