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IM-81 12/30/10
Increase in the Qualified medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB), and Qualifying Individuals (QI-1 or SLMB2) Resource Limits
IM-80 12/30/10
Increase in Substantial Home Equity Limit
IM-79 12/30/10
Administrative Hearings Training Curriculum
IM-78 12/22/10
Senate Bill 583 and Licensed Childcare Providers
IM-77 12/22/10
MO HealthNet Outreach Project with Depatment of Elementary and Secondary Education and Family Support Division
IM-76 12/10/10
FAMIS Authorized Representative Changes
IM-74 12/06/10
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training
IM-75 12/02/10
Excluded Income on Temporary Assistance Cases
IM-73 12/01/10
Removing Immediate Engagement Requirement
IM-72 12/01/10
Maintaining Hard Copy Files
IM-71 12/01/10
Temporary Assistance Sanctions
IM-69 11/18/10
Domestic Violence Training For FY 2011
IM-68 10/18/10
Food Stamp Replacements
IM-67 10/15/10
Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Training
IM-66 10/14/10
Food Stamp Felony Drug Conviction Questions and Answers Revision
IM-65 09/30/10
Temporary Assistance/Case Management Service Provider Manual Revisions #22
IM-64 09/30/10
Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual Revisions # 21
IM-63 09/27/10
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates Fourth Quarter 2010
IM-62 09/17/10
Child Support Exceeds TA Grant Report
IM-61 09/13/10
Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) Program Service Provider Change
IM-60 09/03/10
Temporary Assistance Review Revisions
IM-59 09/03/10
Terminating Claims
IM-58 09/02/10
October Food Stamp Mass Adjustment
IM-57 09/02/10
Dr. Bobrow, Ophthalmologist Services
IM-56 08/23/10
IM-3A Review Notice and IM-2D Review- Eligibility Statement Forms Revision
IM-55 08/06/10
ARRA Funds for Missouri Youth Ages 14-24
IM-54 08/06/10
Missouri Summer Jobs Program
IM-53 08/06/10
Low Income Subsidy Report Update
IM-52 08/03/10
NVRA Coordinators
IM-51 07/29/10
Alternative Care IV-E Program
IM-50 07/20/10
Payment Accuracy Training
IM-49 07/20/10
Program Improvement Plan (PIP)
IM-48 07/15/10
Simplified Reporting Policy Change - Change of Address
IM-47 06/30/10
Blind Pension Vendor Benefits Moving to FAMIS
IM-46 06/23/10
Research and Evaluation Data Requests
IM-45 06/17/10
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2010
IM-44 06/29/10
Legacy Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) & Blind Pension Mass Adjustment
IM-43 06/11/10
FAMIS SAB and BP Adjustment
IM-42 06/08/10
2010 Mileage Rate Decrease
IM-41 06/03/10
Change in Ophthalmologist Services
IM-40 06/03/10
Elimination of Estate Recovery for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary and Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Programs
IM-39 05/27/10
Condominium Fees (CF) and Expedited Screening for the Food Stamp Program
IM-38 04/28/10
Change in Policy for Subsidized Employment-Block Grant Funded
IM-37 04/28/10
Change in Interpreter Services Provider
IM-36 04/22/10
Simplified Reporting Rules for All Food Stamp Eligibility Units
IM-35 04/16/10
Administrative Responsibilities for Work Activities
IM-34 04/15/10
Afghan and Iraqi Refugee Status for the Food Stamp, Family Healthcare, and Temporary Assistance Programs
IM-33 04/15/10
Haiti Earthquake Disaster Guidance
IM-32 04/13/10
Food Stamp Medical Determinations
IM-31 04/07/10
Notice and Poster Regarding Simplified Reporting Rules for All Food Stamp Eligibility Units
IM-30 04/09/10
New FAMIS Supported Employment Income Source Code and Updated Description of SW Income Source Code
IM-29 04/08/10
New FAMIS Allotment Income Source Codes
IM-28 04/02/10
Mileage Rate Decrease
IM-27 04/02/10
Food Stamp Disclosure Policy Revision
IM-26 04/02/10
Making Work Pay Tax Credit
IM-25 04/02/10
Temporary Assistance Thirtieth Day Chart
IM-24 04/02/10
National Directory of New Hires
IM-23 04/02/10
Temporary Assistance 60-Month Lifetime Limit Review for Extension
IM-22 03/25/10
Exploring Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) and Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB1 AND SLMB2) Eligibility for All Participants Applying for Low Income Subsidy
IM-21 03/19/10
Guide to Interpreting the DA-124 Inquiry Screen
IM-20 03/18/10
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2010
IM-19 03/19/10
MHABD Reviews in FAMIS, Updates to Completing a Temporary Assistance/MO HealthNet Review in FAMIS User Guide and Renaming of FA202 and FA402
IM-18 03/16/10
Direct Deposit Screen Changes
IM-17 03/16/10
Filipino Veterans’ Equity Compensation Fund
IM-16 03/10/10
Temporary Assistance Caseload Listing Report
IM-15 03/09/10
VA Income Expense Codes For MO HealthNet Programs
IM-14 02/25/10
US-Unemployment Compensation/Stimulus Payment Change for the Food Stamp Program
IM-13 02/25/10
Temporary Census Employees Earnings
IM-12 02/19/10
New Resource Code in FAMIS for Vendor Patient Account
IM-11 02/22/10
"The Work Number" Website
IM-10 02/09/10
Breast and Cervical Cancer (BCCT) Outreach Contract with Missouri Department of Health And Senior Services (DHSS) Ended
IM-9 01/29/10
IM-31A Electronic Request for Information
IM-8 01/25/10
SSI/SSA/VA/RR Cost of Living Adjustment in FAMIS
IM-7 01/20/10
Inquiry Access to LIHEAP System
IM-6 01/13/10
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2010
IM-5 01/14/10
Students in Institutions of Higher Education
IM-4 01/13/10
Increase in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB), and Qualifying Individuals (QI-1 or SLMB2) Resource Limits
IM-3 01/13/10
Revision of the Adult MO HealthNet FAMIS Training Plan and Rollout Map
IM-2 01/06/10
Title Update on Employer Sponsored Health Insurance (FM8J) Screen
IM-1 01/07/10
SAVE Program Website Changes