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IM-121  12/31/07
Immediate Engagement for Temporary Assistance Applicants
IM-120  12/18/07
Clarification of BCCT Program
IM-119  12/07/07
FAMIS SSI/SSA/VA/RR Cost of Living Adjustment for Food Stamps, Child Care, and Temporary Assistance Programs
IM-118  12/07/07
Legacy January 2008 Increase in Veteranís Administration (VA) Benefits
IM-117  12/07/07
January 2008 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
IM-116  12/07/07
Increase in Allotments and the Spousal Share
IM-115  12/06/07
Medicare Part D, Open Enrollment, and Eligibility for Low Income Subsidy
IM-114  12/06/07
Court Orders Determining Spousal Share
IM-113  11/30/07
Immediate Engagement for Temporary Assistance Applicants
IM-112  11/28/07
Outreach to Promote MO HealthNet Coverage for Children
IM-111  11/26/07
Expansion of BCCT Program
IM-110  11/26/07
Eligibility Based on Receipt of HCB Waiver Services
IM-109  11/20/07
Application by Strikers
IM-108  11/20/07
Minimum Wage Used to Determine Voluntary Job Quit and Work Effort Reduction for Food Stamps
IM-107  11/20/07
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2008
IM-106  11/08/07
Annuities as an Available Resource or Transfer of Property
IM-105  11/07/07
Department of Corrections Inmate Early Application for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
IM-104  11/05/07
VISTA Income
IM-103  10/24/07
Forms for MC+ for Children Premium Cases In Legacy
IM-102  10/19/07
MO HealthNet Program Name Changes
IM-101  10/22/07
IM-4, Eat for Health Brochure
IM-100  10/15/07
Eligibility Start Date Adjustments for MC+ for Childrenís Health Insurance (CHIP) Program
IM-99  10/02/07
Changes to MC+ for Childrenís Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Program
IM-98  09/25/07
Determining Fair and Valuable Consideration when Assets are Transferred in Exchange for a Personal Care Contract; Manual Revision #35 Section 1040.020.30
IM-97  09/21/07
MC+ Managed Care Expansion
IM-96  09/21/07
IMU5 Code Sheet Forms Manual Revision #11
IM-95  09/14/07
Food Stamp 30th Day
IM-94  09/14/07
Changes to Employment Assessment Screen
IM-93  09/14/07
Cancel Closing Process for MC+ for Children CHIP Premium Cases
IM-92  09/14/07
Veterans Educational Assistance Payments in FAMIS for Family Medical Assistance and Temporary Assistance Programs
IM-91  09/14/07
Procedures to Impose the Disqualification Penalty Manual Revision
IM-90  09/13/07
Revised IM-4 (Hearing Rights) (Spanish) Forms Manual Revision #10
IM-89  09/12/07
Out-of-State Non-Work Months
IM-88  09/21/07
Food Stamp Pamphlet 'Food Stamp Work Requirement - Abled Bodied Adults Without Dependents'
IM-87  09/12/07
Food Stamp Hearings for METP and ABAWD
IM-86  09/11/07
Form IM-87, Application for State Hearing and Instructions
IM-85  08/29/07
SNC Personal Expense Allowance
IM-84  08/28/07
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates; Fourth Quarter 2007
IM-83  08/28/07
Missouri Medicaid Changed to MO HealthNet
IM-82  08/28/07
Notification of Claim Compromise
IM-81  08/28/07
End-Dating Employment in FAMIS
IM-80  09/12/07
Form FS-1, Applicant's Eligibility Statement
IM-79  08/28/07
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-78  08/28/07
Report for Birthdates that do not Match in FAMIS and Common Area
IM-77  08/28/07
Ticket to Work Health Assurance (TWHA) Program
IM-76  08/22/07
Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program and Submission of Medical Records to Medical Review Team (MRT)
IM-75  08/22/07
Changes to Employment Assessment Screen
IM-74  08/17/07
Blind Pension Lawsuit
IM-73  08/09/07
FAMIS Language Preference (FM8Z) Screen
IM-72  08/03/07
New FAMIS Reinvestigation Model for Temporary Assistance, Medical Assistance for Families, and MC+ for Children
IM-71  08/01/07
Affordable Insurance Standards Change; Manual Revision #28 Section 0920.020.10.05
IM-70  07/31/07
Change Reported Timely Food Stamp Manual Revision
IM-69  07/26/07
Income Exclusion for Medical Assistance for Individuals Eligible for Certified Extended Employment at a Sheltered Workshop
IM-68  07/24/07
Food Stamp Income Eligibility Limits
IM-67  07/24/07
Julia M. vs. Scott Court Order
IM-66  07/12/07
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates Third Quarter 2007
IM-65  07/13/07
FAMIS Family Medical Assistance Reinvestigations; FA402
IM-63  07/02/07
MO HealthNet
IM-62  07/23/07
Form IM-110, Statement of Loss/Replacement Request, and Instructions
IM-61  06/27/07
Reporting Illegal Immigrants
IM-60  06/25/07
On-Line Versions of IM Manual Chapter IV
IM-59  06/22/07
FAMIS Conversion of MC+ (CHIP) Premium Cases
IM-58  06/21/07
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
IM-57  06/11/07
2007 Mileage Rate Increase
IM-56  06/08/07
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-55  06/08/07
MC+ Premium Change
IM-54  06/08/07
Increases in Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustment in Vendor Cases
IM-53  06/08/07
Grant Increases and Adjustments in Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) & Blind Pension Cases (BP)
IM-52  06/08/07
Missouri Division of Medical Services Chronic Care Improvement Program
IM-51  06/08/07
Food Stamp Calculation
IM-50  06/05/07
Food Stamp Expedited Service
IM-49  05/25/07
FAMIS Medicaid Category History Screen and Medical Eligibility Codes
IM-48  05/24/07
Missouri Rx Plan (MoRx) Letters to Recipients
IM-47  05/21/07
FAMIS Family Medical Assistance Program Reports Added to Managed Reporting System
IM-46  05/21/07
Requests for Medical Records from Disability Determination Services (DDS)
IM-45  05/18/07
Conversion of Family Medical Assistance Cases from Legacy to FAMIS
IM-44  05/17/07
Disaster Food Stamp Program Manual Revision
IM-43  05/17/07
Clarification of Food Stamp Budgeting Procedures During Temporary Assistance Sanction
IM-42  05/16/07
Clarification of Qualifying Work Quarters for Immigrants
IM-41  05/15/07
Form IM-23, Client Services Postcard
IM-40  05/15/07
Very Low Food Stamp Income
IM-39  05/15/07
Income from Boarders
IM-38  05/10/07
Social Service Coordinators Incorporated
IM-37  05/01/07
Designated Combat Zone
IM-36  04/27/07
FAMIS Family Medical Assistance Rollout To Counties
IM-35  04/18/07
Changes To Assignment/Referral, Temporary Assistance Information, And Earned Income Disregards Screens In FAMIS
IM-34  04/17/07
Changes To Supercase Resident Maintenance, Eligibility Unit Member Role, Application Request, And Application Detail Screens
IM-33  04/06/07
Date of Discovery Field for Expedited Service
IM-32  04/06/07
On-Line Versions of IM Manual Chapter VIII
IM-31  04/06/07
Exemption of Individuals Receiving Social Security Disability from Providing Documentation of Citizenship and Identity for Medicaid Benefits
IM-30  04/04/07
Food Stamp Clarification of Irregular Income
IM-29  04/03/07
Food Stamp Program Video
IM-28  03/28/07
Missouri MC+ Phone Center Operations
IM-27  03/27/07
Ex Parte Communication with Division of Legal Services (DLS) Administrative Hearings Officers
IM-26  03/23/07
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines for the Medical Assistance for Families, MC+ Program for Children and Pregnant Women, Transitional Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance, QMB, SLMB, QI-1 and QDWI
IM-25  03/22/07
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2007
IM-24  03/16/07
Counties Waived from Meeting the 18-to-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-23  03/07/07
Calculation Methods and Frequency Codes Chart
IM-22  03/05/07
Medical Assistance Vendor Policy Added to the On-Line Manual
IM-21  03/07/07
Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS)
IM-20  03/02/07
New Resource Exclusions
IM-19  02/28/07
Minimum Wage Used For Food Stamp METP and Student Eligibility Determinations
IM-18  02/27/07
Revised Division of Medical Services Procedures for Recoupment of Insufficient Spenddown Payments
IM-17  02/26/07
Update of Section 1619 Threshold Amount Manual Revision #4: Section 0850.005.20
IM-16  02/26/07
Form IM-106B, Request for Emergency Issuance and Instructions
IM-15  02/26/07
FAMIS Income Code Chart Revision
IM-14  02/26/07
Food Stamp Resources
IM-13  02/21/07
Mediation Achieving Results for Children (M.A.R.C.H.)
IM-12  02/28/07
IM-4 Important Information About Your Medical Assistance Benefits Brochure
IM-11  02/02/07
Clarification of the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB) & SLMB-2 (QI-1) Application Process, QMB and SLMB Benefits, and Medicare Buy-In Program
IM-10  02/01/07
Student Income Food Stamp Manual Revision
IM-9  02/01/07
Revised METP Non-Compliance Chart
IM-8  01/29/07
Federal Employer Identification Number Data Collection
IM-7  01/26/07
Increase in Average Private Pay Nursing Rate for Transfer of Property Cases
IM-6  03/15/07
Form IM-23, Client Services Postcard With Instructions
IM-5  01/18/07
Form Instructions for IM-115, Request for Food Stamp Eligibility Unit Report
IM-4  01/18/07
Form IM-103, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Available Date for Food Stamps on the Regular Payroll
IM-3  01/10/07
CARS User Guide Reducing or Increasing the Amount of an Established Food Stamp Claim
IM-2  01/09/07
Child Support Garnishment from SSA
IM-1  01/02/07
FAMIS Screen Changes Due to the Integration of Family Medical Assistance Programs