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IM-95 12/28/16
January 2017 COLA Adjustment of SSA/SSI/VA/RR Income
IM-94 12/28/16
Citizenship Verification for MAGI Households
IM-93 12/28/16
Change in Resource Verification Policy of Direct Express Account Balances for MO HealthNet for Adult, Blind, and Disabled Cases
IM-92 12/28/16
Use of the Missouri Drivers License Inquiry System for Citizenship Verification for the Adult MO HealthNet Programs
IM-90 12/20/16
SkillUp and Missouri Work Assistance Program Crosswalk
IM-89 12/15/16
IM-4 Temporary Assistance brochure
IM-88 12/07/16
Revised Appointing an Authorized Representative (IM-6AR)
IM-87 12/07/16
Revised Provider Attestation of Physician's Order of Medical Necessity and Spend Down Provider Form
IM-86 12/07/16
2017 Increase in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)
IM-85 12/07/16
Changes to TA Work Requirement
IM-70 12/06/16
Verification of Disability
IM-84 12/06/16
Blind Pension Participant Dies Before Receipt of Blind Pension Grant
IM-83 12/05/16
Food Stamp Program Explanation Policy Update
IM-82 12/02/16
Joint Custody and MAGI Households
IM-81 11/29/16
Temporary Assistance Income Chart
IM-80 11/29/16
Relationship of Payee to Child for Temporary Assistance
IM-79 11/29/16
Disqualified for Probation/Parole Violation Process Policy Clarification
IM-78 11/28/16
FSD Social Security Interface Verifies Food Stamp Identity
IM-77 11/14/16
FAMIS Notices To Authorized Representatives
IM-76 11/18/16
Signature Request Letter Revision
IM-75 11/4/16
MAGI Households With Caretaker Relatives
IM-74 11/4/16
Important Information about Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Transactions (IM-3EBT) and IM3-EBT Instructions
IM-73 11/4/16
Updated Adoption Subsidy Payments for Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Budget
IM-72 11/4/16
Duplicate Applications for MO HealthNet for Aged, Blind, Disabled (MHABD) and Adult Programs
IM-71 10/26/16
CHIP Affordability Test
IM-69 09/29/16
Food Stamp Application (FS-1) Revision
IM-67 09/28/16
Homeless Exemption for ABAWD
IM-66 09/23/16
"Your Rights and Responsibilities" Flyer
IM-65 09/23/16
Changes to On Demand FM1B Screen (Food Stamp Interview screen) ,FA-334 Interview letter and the FA-520 (Notice of Expiration)
IM-64 09/20/16
Announcing SkillUP
IM-62 09/15/16
Clarification to Pro Rata Share of Ineligible Immigrants' Income
IM-61 09/15/16
Obsolete Uninsured Women's Health Services And Newborn Children Manual Sections
IM-60 09/14/16
October Food Stamp Mass Adjustment
IM-59 9/1/16
Gateway to Better Health Extended
IM-51 8/31/16
Update to Training/Work Requirements (WORKREQ/FMMR) Screen
IM-58 8/30/16
Contract for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for Fee for Service (FFS) Program
IM-57 8/29/16
Eligible Living Arrangements After Release From Incarceration
IM-56 8/25/16
Revision of Manual Section 1805.015.00 Social Security Number
IM-55 8/17/16
Introduction of MO HealthNet for Kids (MHK) Section of the Family Healthcare Manual (MAGI)
IM-54 8/15/16
Introduction of MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW) Section of Income Maintenance Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual
IM-53 8/10/16
Family MO HealthNet Periodic Data Matching
IM-52 7/29/16
Authorized Representative in the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS)
IM-50 7/26/16
Show-Me Healthy Babies (SMHB) Manual Revision
IM-49 7/26/16
2016 MO HealthNet Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Premium Change
IM-48 7/26/16
Food Stamp Benefit Replacements
IM-47 7/18/16
I-94 Form Changes for Refugees
IM-46 7/18/16
Clarification on Referrals to FSD-CS and Sanctions for Non-Cooperation for MAGI Programs
IM-45 7/18/16
Foster Care Provider Income for Modified Adjusted Income (MAGI)
IM-44 7/06/16
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) – No Provider Effective May 1, 2016
IM-43 7/06/16
TA DIVERSION PHASE II – Impacts Processing Centers
IM-42 7/06/16
Fleeing Felon and Probation/Parole Policy Updates
IM-41 7/05/16
Interview Summary (FA-102) Process Change
IM-33 7/05/16
Updated IM-31F
IM-40 6/21/16
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training 2016
IM-39 6/21/16
Introduction of MAGI Approval Notice (IM-32 MAGI) Form
IM-38 6/20/16
Increase in Vendor Minimum Monthly Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustments in Vendor
IM-37 6/20/16
Famis Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) and Blind Pension (BP) Adjustment
IM-36 6/20/16
Eligibility Begin Date for Vendor Coverage when an Active MO HealthNet for Aged, Blind and Disabled (MHABD) Participant Enters a Nursing Home
IM-35 6/15/16
FSD Online Application - Missouri Web Application (MO Web APP)
IM-34 6/15/16
On Demand Interview
IM-32 6/07/16
Compensation in Lieu of Wages for MAGI MANUAL
IM-31 5/27/16
2016 Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer for Children (SEBTC) Project
IM-30 5/17/16
Clarification for Correct use of the Request for Information (IM-31A or FA-325) Form for MO HealthNet Programs
IM-29 5/11/16
Verification of Direct Express Balances for MO HealthNet for Adult, Blind or Disabled Cases
IM-28 5/11/16
Adoption Subsidy Payments for Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Budget
IM-27 5/06/16
FAMIS Update of Poverty Income Guidelines for MO HealthNet Programs
IM-26 5/06/16
New "How Received" Code in FAMIS for Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Applications Received from the Social Security Administration (SSA)
IM-25 5/05/16
2016 MEDES Update Of Poverty Income Guidelines for MO HealthNet Programs
IM-24 5/05/16
Accepting Citizenship Documents from Health Care Entities
IM-19 4/19/16
Food Stamp Sanction For TA Work Requirments
IM-23 4/26/16
MO HealthNet for Kids CHIP Premium Affordable Insurance Standards Changeork Requirments
IM-22 4/26/16
Medicare Savings Program (MSP) Model Application
IM-21 4/19/16
Legacy Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Only Case Action Needed
IM-20 4/19/16
Welfare Investigation Unit (WIU) Investigation Information Requests
IM-18 3/29/16
Representative Payee Payments Manual Revision
IM-17 3/29/16
Applications Received by the Agency Manual Revision
IM-16 3/22/16
Administrative Hearings Unit Reorganization
IM-7 1/26/16
IM Hearings Manual
IM-15 2/25/16
Claim Referral Form
IM-14 2/09/16
Adding Daily or Monthly Work/Training Hours for Able Bodied Adults without Dependents
IM-13 2/08/16
Update Of 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-12 2/08/16
Revised Income Maintenance (IM) 32 Show-Me Healthy Babies (SMHB) Action Notice
IM-11 2/08/16
Revised Income Maintenance (IM) 31A Show-Me Healthy Babies (SMHB) Electronic Form
IM-10 2/08/16
Increase In Substantial Gainful Activity
IM-9 2/08/16
2016 Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Supplementary Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B) Premium Changes
IM-8 2/08/16
Able Bodied Adults without Dependent (ABAWD) Policy Clarification
IM-6 1/20/16
ABAWD Policy Revision/Clarification
IM-5 1/20/16
50% and Full-Family Sanction Robocalls for Temporary Assistance
IM-4 1/20/16
Addition of Income Maintenance Manual Section 1800.000.00 Family MO HealthNet Programs
IM-3 1/08/16
New Telephone Based Interpreter Services
IM-1 1/04/16
Temporary Assistance Diversion Program
IM-2 1/04/16
Revised IM-5 MO HealthNet for Kids Insurance Company Quotes Form