Family Healthcare (FAMIS) Manual – Table of Contents

Family Healthcare (FAMIS) Manual – Table of Contents

0905.000.00 Medical Assistance for Families (MAF)

0910.000.00 Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA)

0915.000.00 Extended MAF on Support Closings

0920.000.00 MHF for Children (MHF)

0925.000.00 MHF for Pregnant Women

0927.000.00 Uninsured Women’s Health Services Program (UWHS)  

0930.000.00 Newborn Children Automatic MHF Eligiblity 

0935.000.00 MHF for Uninsured Non-Custodial Parents (NCP)

0940.000.00 MHF for Parents’ Fair Share Participants (PFS)

0945.000.00 Temporary Medicaid During Pregnancy (TEMP) Program  

0950.000.00 Presumptive Eligibility (PE) for Children Program

0955.000.00 Medical Assistance for Children in Care (MACC)