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IM-110 12/31/15
Show Me Healthy Babies Program
IM-109 12/30/15
Expedite Determination for Out-of-State Duplicate Participation
IM-108 12/30/15
Temporary Assistance (TA) Manual Revision
IM-107 12/30/15
Work Requirement for Temporary Assistance Applicants
IM-106 12/28/15
Gateway to Better Health Extended
IM-105 12/21/15
Cancel Reject Policy
IM-104 12/01/15
Temporary Assistance Lifetime Limit Reduction
IM-103 11/20/15
Temporary Assistance Work Requirement (COMPACT or FM8B) Screen Update
IM-102 11/20/15
ROBO text messages
IM-101 11/20/15
Third Party Resource (TPL-1) Form Required for Changes to Insurance for MO HealthNet Participants
IM-100 11/19/15
ABAWD Policy Clarification
IM-99 11/09/15
Temporary Assistance New Spouse Disregard FAMIS Screen Changes and User Guide
IM-98 11/09/15
Health Insurance Premiums as a Medical Deduction for Vendor Surplus Calculation
IM-97 11/09/15
Revision of Income Maintenance Manual Section 1805.000.00
IM-96 10/26/15
Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts for the MO HealthNet, Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance, and Child Care Subsidy Programs
IM-95 10/26/15
Exclude Foster Care Income for Family MO HealthNet Programs in Missouri Eligibility Determination and Enrollment System (MEDES)
IM-94 10/19/15
Training/Work Requirement for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD)
IM-93 10/16/15
Temporary Assistance Applications
IM-92 10/08/15
Introduction of Blind Pension (BP) and Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) Processing Center
IM-91 10/02/15
Updated FS-1
IM-90 10/01/15
Food Stamp Interview for Elderly and Disabled Households
IM-89 09/23/15
October Food Stamp Mass Adjustment
IM-88 09/18/15
Waiving Face-to-Face Interviews
IM-87 09/18/15
Home and Community Based Services Referral Form (IM-54A) Revision
IM-86 09/11/15
Timely Application and Re-Certification Processing
IM-85 08/28/15
Temporary Assistance New Spouse Disregard
IM-84 08/28/15
Temporary Assistance Non-Compliance with Work Requirement Sanctions
IM-83 08/28/15
New Eligibility Requirements for Temporary Assistance Applicants
IM-82 08/28/15
SB24 Implementation Delayed Until Approximately Noon on August 28, 2015
IM-81 08/28/15
Drug Felon Language on the Interview Summary
IM-80 08/27/15
Changes to Refugee Application Processing and Case Maintenance
IM-79 08/27/15
Written, in Person Verbal and Sign Language Interpretation Services
IM-78 08/14/15
FAMIS Relationship Code Update Regarding Same Sex Marriages
IM-77 08/12/15
Budgeting Negative Self-Employment Income (Losses) for Programs Subject to Modified Adjusted Gross Income Methodology
IM-76 08/12/15
Introduction of Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB) Processing Center
IM-74 07/23/15
Application for State Hearing (IM-87) for All Income Maintenance Programs and the Food Stamp Program
IM-73 07/21/15
Introduction of Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Annual Review (IM-1U MAGI) Form
IM-72 07/14/15
Clarification of Referral Process for Home and Community Based Services
IM-71 07/13/15
Revised Signature Request Letter
IM-70 07/08/15
Alternative Care IV-E Program and FAMIS Screen FMKD (FACESINQ)
IM-69 07/06/15
Long Term Care Insurance Payments
IM-68 07/02/15
Introduction of MAGI Notice of Case Action (IM-33 MAGI) Form
IM-67 07/01/15
2015 MO HealthNet Childrenís Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Premium Change
IM-66 07/01/15
Change in Interpreter Services Provider
IM-65 06/29/15
Customer Service Form (FSD-4) Revision
IM-64 06/29/15
Application for MO HealthNet Benefits (IM-1MA), Appendices and Instructions
IM-63 06/29/15
Robo Calls for the Food Stamp Program and Income Maintenance Programs in FAMIS
IM-62 06/29/15
FAMIS Change to Person Detail Screen
IM-61 06/26/15
Supplemental Aid to the Blind and Blind Pension Maximum Grant Amounts
IM-59 06/25/15
Income Maintenance Manual Updates to Update Terminology to Intellectual Disabilities
IM-58 06/25/15
Gateway to Better Health Extended
IM-57 06/24/15
Non-Court Ordered Child Support in MEDES
IM-56 06/24/15
Changes to MO HealthNet and Temporary Assistance Annual Reviews Generated by the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS)
IM-55 06/24/15
Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) and Blind Pension (BP) May Require Manual Notices
IM-54 06/22/15
Temporary Assistance Child Support Sanction Requests
IM-53 06/22/15
Increase in Vendor Minimum Monthly Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustments
IM-52 06/12/15
Felony Drug Exception Clarification
IM-51 06/05/15
Lifeline and Missouriís Telecommunications Access Program
IM-49 06/01/15
Food Stamp Eligibility Unit Determination
IM-48 05/22/15
Senate Bill 24 Changes To The Temporary Assistance Program
IM-47 05/20/15
SEBTC Project
IM-46 05/18/15
Summer Jobs Program
IM-45 05/06/15
Changes to the Process for Unsigned Applications for MO HealthNet for Families, Women, and Children
IM-44 05/04/15
Prepaid Cards as Resources
IM-43 05/01/15
Incarcerated Individuals as Inpatients in Medical Institutions
IM-42 05/01/15
Revised IM-3TADRUG Notice
IM-41 05/01/15
Increase in Resource Limits for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB), and Qualifying Individuals (QI-1 or SLMB2) Programs
IM-40 05/01/15
Removal of Automatic Hearing Requirements for TANF Drug Testing
IM-39 04/29/15
Adding a Person to an Active Food Stamp Case
IM-38 04/29/15
Food Stamp Drug Felon Forms Added to the Forms Manual
IM-37 04/29/15
Authorized Representative Forms (FS-6ARI and FS-6ARF)
IM-36 04/20/15
Increase in Average Private Pay Nursing Rate for Transfer of Property Cases
IM-35 04/20/15
Summer Jobs Program
IM-34 04/20/15
Clarification of Possible MO HealthNet Eligibility for Persons Age 19-26 Who Have Previously Been in Foster Care
IM-33 04/20/15
MO HealthNet Appointment and Revocation of an Authorized Representative
IM-32 04/17/15
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines for MO HealthNet Programs in the MEDES
IM-31 04/17/15
Family MO HealthNet Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP)
IM-30 04/15/15
Updates to the Report of MO HealthNet QA/QC Review (IM-210MHN) Form
IM-29 04/09/15
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Match and Safeguarding of Federal Tax Information (FTI)
IM-27 04/09/15
IM-31B and IM-31C Replaced with IM-31F
IM-26 04/09/15
Food Stamp Manual IMES Policy Update
IM-25 04/08/15
Home and Community Based Services Referral Process and Form (IM-54A) Revisions
IM-24 04/08/15
Authorization for Release of Medical/Health Information to Nursing Facilities, In-Home Nursing Care Providers, and Other Providers of Medical Services
IM-23 04/03/15
Verify Lawful Presence (VLP) Step One Available in the Missouri Eligibility Determination and Enrollment System (MEDES)
IM-22 03/20/15
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines for MO HealthNet Programs in the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS)
IM-21 03/19/15
MO HealthNet CHIP Premiums
IM-20 03/19/15
Affordable Insurance Standards Change for MO HealthNet for Kids CHIP Premium Program
IM-19 03/19/15
Verification Requirements for MO HealthNet and Adult Cash Programs Manual Revision
IM-18 03/18/15
Disqualified for Felony Drug Conviction Manual Update
IM-17 03/18/15
MO HealthNet Single Streamlined Addition (IM-1ADP)
IM-16 02/20/15
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training 2015
IM-15 02/19/15
Update of 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-14 02/19/15
Verification Procedures for Family MO HealthNet Programs
IM-13 02/09/15
Processing MO HealthNet Applications for Incarcerated Individuals Who Are Expected to Be Released Within 90 Days or Who Are Admitted as Inpatient
IM-12 01/30/15
Clarification of Eligibility and Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Methodology for MO HealthNet for Families (MHF) Program
IM-11 01/30/15
MO HealthNet Outreach Project (Senate Bill 583) Schools and Licensed Childcare Providers - SB583-IM-1UA
IM-10 01/22/15
Audits, Monitoring Visits, and Quality Control Reviews
IM-9 01/22/15
Correction to Family MO HealthNet (MEDES) Manual for the Childrenís Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
IM-8 01/20/15
Reversal of the Reduction to Supplemental Aid to the Blind and Blind Pension Grants
IM-7 01/15/15
Policy Update to Disqualified for Drug Felony Conviction
IM-6 01/15/15
Claims Hearings
IM-5 01/15/15
Increase in Vendor Maximum Monthly Maintenance Standard and Minimum and Maximum Spousal Share
IM-4 01/15/15
Increase in Personal Needs and Expense Allowance for Vendor and Supplemental Nursing Care Cases
IM-3 01/15/15
Updates to the Medical Review Team-Processing Center Procedures
IM-2 01/15/15
Exclude Blind Pension (BP) and Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) Grant Income for Family MO HealthNet Programs in Missouri Eligibility Determination and Enrollment System (MEDES)
IM-1 02/03/15
IM-214 Affidavit for Replacement Check, IM-215 Affidavit of Forgery Forms Revision, and IM-206 Check Transmittal Forms Instructions